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Giftware Jewellery Wholesale Frequently Asked Questions



Got a question, please see if it's answered here. If it's not answered please use the form below or the chat option. We are always pleased to hear from anyone and will always try to help.

Q1   Is there a minimum order ?
A1   The short answer is NO!! Unlike a lot of wholesalers we believe that  buyers should have the flexibility to purchase at levels that they want to and not what are dictated by the wholesaler. All we ask is that you purchase in the quantities stated as we can’t split packs.
Let’s face it you want to buy and we want to sell, so let’s make it easy for all of us!
Q2   How do I open an account?
A2    We do not operate account in the standard way. Again we are different from a lot (all?) wholesalers.
You DO NOT have to register on the site! You DO NOT have to login. 
When you place an order on line for the first time we take your details from that and put it on our system. Your account is now ready. Simple isn’t it!

Q3  How much will it cost me to have my order delivered ?
A3 Jewellery only orders are Royal Mail for £2.50!
Or you can choose Recorded Delivery for a nominal fee of £5.00.

Our standard Giftware carriage fee is £12 per order in mainland UK.
Some areas of the UK such as the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and some remote parts of Scotland attract an additional fee. 
When you order you will find a drop down box and you can choose your region, and preferred delivery method. Simple!

Orders over £200 (UK Mainland only) will have the carriage fee waived.

For European orders  you can also choose this from the drop down box.

Q4 Do you provide any kind of drop shipping service ?
A4 Sorry, No.
Q5 What methods of payment do you accept ?
A5  We accept ALL credit cards, via PAYPAL (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Electron and Solo) and bank transfers.

We do not offer credit accounts, sorry.

Q6  I placed my order over the Internet and the total was over £200 but you still charged me carriage.
A6  To qualify for free carriage your order must be over £200

Q7  How do I place an order?
A7  Internet orders are the easiest and quickest way. Click on the pictures, check the price, put the quantity reqired in the box and press BUY NOW, and you’re away!

You can also phone your order in, that’s fine, or if you have a catalogue printed off send the order form in from there.

Q8 Is it really express, I’ve heard that from other wholesalers and it took a week!!
A8 We aim to deliver within 2/3 days.

Q9  What time will it be delivered?
A9  Standard delivery is between 8.00am & 6.00pm.
If the delivery comes and you are not there, the courier will leave a card detailing where you can pick up your order.

Q10  I placed an order on Friday afternoon/evening and did not receive it until Tuesday
A10  If an Order is  placed after 2.00pm we will try to process it before the courier arrives but please be aware  that we do have a deadline to meet. All orders after 2.00pm Friday and weekend will be dispatched the following Monday (bank holidays excepted) for delivery Tuesday.

Q11 Do you have printed catalogue?
A11  Yes we do. It is “homemade” but gives all the info you would want. It is updated regularly and can be downloaded from the site, or we can send you an A5 booklet version. Don’t expect it to be a glossy whistles and bells affair, it’s not, we do it on Publisher. The website is best as it is updated daily.

Q12  I am a private citizen, can I order from Mas Trading ?
A12  Yes you can!


Q14  Can I take your pictures from your web site for my own usage ?
A14   You may If you wish to use any of our pictures or any other media, we are not that precious over these unlike other website owners, and how would we know anyway?  All we ask is that you purchase those items from us.

Q15  How can Mas Trading be contacted?
A15  In various ways. By e mail sales@mastrading.co.uk, phone 01305 458583(business hours), post (address below)

Q16 I have received my order and some items are damaged or missing! What do I do?
A16  First, don’t panic! Things sometimes do go wrong as much as we try to avoid it. Second contact us immediately or within seven days of receipt. Tell us what’s wrong in an E mail and we will either replace or credit if damaged or send out missing items.


Q17  I am not happy with one of the items I ordered but it is not damaged.
A17  You can return any item within seven days if not satisfied, but please return it as you received it. Sorry, but returns of this nature are sent at your cost. A credit will be issued for those items to be taken against your next order, this is valid for 12 months from date of issue.


Q18 What is your Fair Trade policy?
A18 Fair Trade is an overly used phrase by a lot of people, including one large retail company who just got caught out using kids in sweat shops!

We can honestly tell you that our products are produced in the spirit of FREE TRADE. All our handmade items are produced by craftsman in Bali, Indonesia. They are usually family run affairs with the adults learning their skills over a number years.
How do we know?
We have visited them and have met the craftsmen themselves.
(Click here for some more info)


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