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Friendship Bracelets

Each dozen will be a mixture of colours and patterns.

no 1 1
DUE IN! ORDER NOW! 1 Round Thin Rainbow Colours. 19p each. £2.25/pk 12

2 2

DUE IN! ORDER NOW! 2 Thin Flat Rainbow colours. 19p each. £2.25/pk 12

no PL friendship bracelet PL

PL Thin flat flexible style, mixed colours. 30p each. £3.60/pk 12


117 117

117 Thin Wool Friendship Bracelet mixed colours. 40p each. £4.80/pk 12

Do you want a customised PL with wording of your choice? Well you can now!

Please go to the customisation page HERE


1 Round Thin mixed colours pack 12 £2.25   

2 Flat Thin Rainbow colours pack 12  £2.25

PL Thin flat flexible style pack 12 £3.60   

117 Thin Wool Friendship Bracelet mixed colours pack 12 £4.80